A Good Week

January 31, 2020

This is part of a weekly journal I'm keeping about my side-hustle, SendView.

This was a good week.

We had a great monthly planning meeting and have lots of good stuff to work on. We had a handful of new users. We got to chat with someone who used to run a product just like ours and glean some priceless insights into what worked for him (and what didn’t). And I’ve been able to get the ball rolling on a little partnership idea I’ve wanted to try.

And best of all? I also:

It’s funny. But I feel like the most important work I do for SendView is between my ears. It’s thinking through problems, planning well, and keeping things in balance. It’s making sure that when I do sit down and dedicate an hour to the side hustle, it’s focused, purposeful, and effective.

In other words, I really think that spending at little less time on the project won’t have any negative impact on it’s success. If anything, so far I think it’s been great for it.

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December 31, 2019

Hi, I'm Gregg.

I'm a marketer, maker, and long walk taker.


By day I run marketing for resort CRM / ecommerce provider, Inntopia. After the kids go to bed my laptop is my workshop where I'm building an email marketing tracking platform called SendView.