Hi, I'm Gregg.

I'm a marketer, maker, and long walk taker.

By day I run marketing for resort CRM / ecommerce provider, Inntopia. After the kids go to bed my laptop is my workshop where I'm building an email marketing tracking platform called SendView.


My side-hustle that let's you track and monitor your competitors' email marketing strategy.
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My day job that lets resorts and hotels supercharge their ecommerce and marketing CRM efforts.
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Past Projects

Visualize your competitor's content calendar.
Discover the websites your audience engages with.
One weekly report, all your social media profiles.


Screen Time
November 17, 2019
Code as Content
November 17, 2019
Product Management in Two Shapes and Two Arrows
November 12, 2019
Solve Part of their Problem
November 10, 2019

My Story

First Day on Earth
Jun 1983
Born to awesome parents who didn't always have much, but taught me to work hard and be good. Was pretty chubby at one point. Must have only grown vertically since then. Whether you call it "blessed" or "lucky", I'm both.
First Day on Skis
Mar 1995
For a not-exactly-rich kid in a small town, that spring day at Sundance was a dream come true. The magical world that enchants me to this day even if my knees ain't as young as they used to be.
Home Snowmaker (Finally) Works
Nov 1999
Despite my mother calling me an "inventor" since age 5, my first true invention finally works after four years, dozens of designs, and too many close calls with frostbite. As nerdy as it sounds, this moment was one of the highlights of my life.
Two-Years in România
Jul 2001
Turns out if you want a life-changing experience all you have to do is spend two years in a foreign country talking about religion with every stranger you meet in a language you barely know. In all seriousness, my LDS mission was a turning point for me.
Making Snow, Making Dough
Nov 2005
Struggling to find work during my first year at USU, decided to see if I could convert my website about the snowmaking project into a website to sell my latest design. It works. People start buying the dang things and sales soon cover almost all my tuition.
Good Time at Timeclick
May 2007
Loving the marketing-side of the snowmaking biz but left with (unsurprisingly) slow summers, Joni Loveless at Timeclick takes a chance on my nacent skills. Together, we at least double new sales every year for 3 years.
From Snow to Ski
Jun 2010
Engaged to be married and realizing snowmaking would only support half a family (I had my heart set on a whole one), I decide to make the next winter my last and begin a project called SlopeFillers to get my foot in the door of the ski industry.
Gettin’ Married
Aug 2010
On a beautiful August day in Logan, Utah, I marry my wonderful bride and sneak away for a (way too) quick weekend honeymoon before grad school starts again the following Monday.
3 States, 204 Miles, 1 Tired Gregg
Sep 2011
As I caught the road-cycling bug, I decided to do the only logical thing: commit to a ride that covers three states and 204 miles in a single day. I trained my little keister off and successfully completed my first, and last, LOTOJA.
Hello, Ryan Solutions
Oct 2011
SlopeFillers takes off and catches the attention of Corey Ryan, founder of the best CRM in ski. He offers me the chance to be their Director of Communications. After approximately 2.3 seconds of deep thought, I say "yes" and join their team of 8 in Edwards, CO.
A Major Award
Jul 2012
Thanks to the opportunities Corey gave me and some amazing growth at Ryan Solutions, I'm named to Ski Area Management magazine's Top 10 Under 30 list. It may not be Forbes, but still makes me smile.
Ready, Set, Fatherhood
Jun 2013
I'd always wanted to be a dad, and that day finally came with the arrival of the cutest bundle of joy I'd ever seen. A bundle of joy that, within 30 minutes, had given me the chance to awkwardly change my first diaper.
PeakFeed is Born
Oct 2013
Along the way, I'd kept my side projects as a sandbox for learning new stuff. Hoping to give those hustles a more official home, PeakFeed as a brand is born. At this point it's a couple newsletters and some other noble, but mostly flawed, ideas.
Double the Fatherhood
Sep 2015
With the first human we created doing surprisingly well and still fully-functioning, we figured that maybe it was time for another. Before long we welcomed this charming young lad who, thankfully, was a much better sleeper than his sister.
Inntopia Acquires Ryan Solutions
Nov 2016
Long-time partner and fellow ski-tech company, Inntopia, acquires Ryan Solutions. Against their better judgment, they name me VP of Marketing for the new, combined organization of roughly ~100 employees.
#2 of the Day on Product Hunt
Aug 2018
I relaunch the original PeakFeed tool on Product Hunt and am sincerely stunned to see it finish the day at #2. In an instant, my design and product skills go from a hobby to something I realize I should take a little more seriously.
#5 of the Day on Product Hunt
Nov 2018
Three months after my first Product Hunt success, I relaunch a tool showing promise, SendView. Despite being niche and hitting the site late in the day, it ends up as #5. Another boost in confidence and another 48 hours of non-stop smiling.
Tear-anasaurus Rex
Aug 2019
I'd always wanted to build a teardrop trailer. So, I did. I was fun to work in something other than pixels and the kiddos helped quite a bit, especially in the naming department (as you can see from the title above).

To be continued...
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