Could a reminder be enough to capture emails?

Over the years I’ve created dozens of things to offer my visitors in exchange for their email address. Whitepapers, webinars, discounts, you name it.

But I’d never considered the idea that, perhaps, people are just…well…busy. That my marketing sparked sufficient interest to get them to visit, but would never be well-timed enough to bring them at the exact moment they had time to really give it some time and consideration.

That, perhaps, all I had to do was offer to remind them about my service at a time that did fit.

So, I tried it.


This little bar appears on the bottom of the browser window once someone has a scrolled about halfway down the PeakFeed homepage.

All it says, in not so many words, is:

“Look, I know your busy, but you also might be intrigued by what your seeing. Let me remind you about this page in a few hours when your schedule frees up so you can give it a bit more thought.”

It was something I started to see over and over in my own behavior. That, if given a chance to be reminded not by random retargeting banners, but by an email at a specific time I chose, that would be genuinely helpful.

So in a lot of ways I wasn’t too surprised to see it work as well as it has.

Conversion Rate

I include a range because for generic traffic it’s about 5%. But for quality, qualified traffic, it spikes upward to almost 20%.

Think about that, almost 1 in 5 people, when given the option to be reminded, raise their hand.

And, even more, the open rate on reminder emails is nearly 75%.

It’s early on and it’s something I’ll be testing more and more, but the results and intriguing so far and I’m excited to see what happens as I iterate and improve.

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