EmailOctopus Review: Three reasons why I love (and use) this beautifully simple platform.

It’s no surprise that I love simplicity.

So it probably comes as no surprise that I’m often drawn to tools that work just as hard as I do to simplify some aspect of running a business or the online marketing world.

And that’s exactly why I love (and use) EmailOctopus. But lest I leave my affection in such general terms, let’s get specific with a quick review.

#1) Dead-Simple Interface
It kills me that email marketing platforms that claim to be simple have 6-page workflows to send a simple message.

Not so here.


On the first page you write your email. On the second page you check the boxes for the lists you want to send it to and hit send.

That’s it.

I got a demo account for Email Octopus last year, but having access to much more powerful platforms I didn’t expect to use it much.

Now, almost every email I send is through their platform.

#2) Focus on What They’re Good At
Building an email platform can get really, really tricky when you consider the complexities of deliverability in 2016.

So I love that Email Octopus is built on Amazon AWS.


They can let Amazon handle all the sticky processes behind actually sending the email and they can focus on building (and improving) that beautifully simple interface.

#3) They’re Improving Without Complicating
When your service is built on simplicity, it’s tough to both add the features users request but also keep the clean interface and functionality your brand is built on.

Even still, they’ve managed to strike a sharp balance. For example, they recently added an Autoresponder.


Knowing that the service will get better (we’re hoping for the ability to exclude lists when sending) without getting more complicated is huge.

So, yeah, I kind of have a crush on Email Octopus.

You should definitely give them a look.

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