Code as Content

November 17, 2019

Tomorrow I’m rolling out a new content campaign that, on the surface, doesn’t look like a content campaign.


Because it’s not a blog post.
And it’s not a whitepaper.
It’s not a video or infographic or webinar or guide.
It’s not one of dozens of things we think of as “content”.

Because it’s a tool.

Code as Content
If there’s one idea I like to turn to over and over. One that capitalizes on the solve part of their problem principle in a way that’s both effective but also evergreen, it’s this:

“Code is content.”

Don’t just write a post about beginner SEO, build a tool that helps solve one challenge they’ll face.

Don’t just write about bitcoin trends, build a live tracker folks can follow.

Or, in our case, don’t just write about presidential candidates’ email marketing tactics, build a dashboard that illustrates them in real-time.


Solid Combination
I love tools and have had some really good success with this form of content.

It adds interactivity. It can be used over and over again without any additional work. They’re great for SEO. And, at times, they’re easier to create than a long-form content piece.

So tomorrow’s rollout of Presidential Senders isn’t my first tool, and it certainly won’t be my last.

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