Being Kind

April 17, 2020

This will be a short entry, but the lesson from this week doesn’t need more than a few lines to get across.

I am not a savvy businessman. I don’t have a rock solid cold email strategy. I’m not a growth hacker. I’ve made dozens of mistakes this year alone. But as much as business is business, it’s just as much a personal, human thing to me. I rarely cry #fail, but I am quick to give #highfives. I have no problem with saying “thank you” and being honest about how good our competitors are (because they are) or just sending an email to tell people how impressed I am with what they’re doing (because I am).

Kindness is not the “cool” way to do business, but it’s my way. It’s our way. It works pretty well. And even when it doesn’t, it leaves friendships and smiles in its wake instead of burned bridges. And I like that.

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