The Telling Week

April 11, 2020

My last entry suggested that this week would be a telling week for SendView. And it was in a very good way.

So the project I launched was called Ecommerce Senders. It took the main idea from Presidential Senders – live email stats for a compelling group of brands – but changed the context to hopefully tease our more marketers and fewer casually interested folks.

The dashboard combined SendView data with data from a list of 100 Shopify stores.

Unlike my usual products, I did this one in tandem with two partners.

Working with partners on something like this was something I’d always wanted to try and, based on how it went, something I’ll definitely explore again. We launched on Product Hunt on Sunday and ended the day at #7. For a niche product, that’s as good as we could have hoped.

And best of all? We had five paying users, a great demo, and some excellent validation for a new idea we’re working on.

There’s plenty more marketing to do with this one, so I’m hopeful we can keep this boost going for a few more weeks and finish out the month of April in a good place.

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