Jaco proves the priceless value of analyzing individual behavior.

Jaco is not the first to offer recorded user experiences with your site, but they are the first that I know of to offer a free plan.

I’d never had the budget to give this style of analysis a try, but now that I have I’m not only completely sold on the value but have been impressed with how Jaco delivers it.

For example, you aren’t just watching a video, you’re watching a timeline of labeled, tagged moments with a video to illustrate what is happening and why.


And you aren’t limited to watching anonymous interactions, you’re also provided a simple API framework to add unique identifiers and attributes to each visitor.


By combining this with scores and simple, graphical overviews of all interactions…


…you end up with the ability to see how very specific users and segments interact with very specific areas of your site.

I’ve really been floored by how valuable this has been.

Rather than replace other macro-views of user behavior I get from a traditional analytics platforms, Jaco has been a beautiful compliment to help me identify why I’m seeing the trends and results I am.

This technology is amazing. I’m very exciting to see where it goes next.

There are so many talked people building so many cool, amazingly useful things. Here are some of my favorites.

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